Women Tattoo Designs 2018

Women have learnt all the secrets of attractiveness and now they have chosen tattoo as a new weapon to capture hearts. The intricate tattoos on curves just cannot be ignored and millions of hearts are going to be broken yet.  There are unique styles of tattoos inked on a very place that can totally change her look. We are going to talk about women tattoos 2018 that are nothing but breathtaking.


Sternum tattoo that is inked under breast is A trend from 2018 tattoos and this is why women so often choose creative pictures to decorate body. Though we claim that sternum tattoo is a new style, women used to get tattoos under breast for many years. The only thing that has changed is the style of tattoos inked under breast.

The part of body under breasts is very gentle and the process of tattooing is extremely painful. Some start with a tiny tattoo between breasts go down under breasts. Small tattoo between breasts or under breasts looks not only great but can also be hidden under clothing unless you choose to show it. This is great for women who shy away from getting eye catching tattoo.

There are infinite ideas of sternum tattoos that will be suitable for women. Trendy styles are bird tattoos or simply wing tattoos, flower tattoos, ethnic patterns and Mandala, quote tattoos and geometric symbols. The thing you get will be a new trend so be ready to get wild.