Wiz Khalifa Bold Tattoos

Wiz Khalifa Tattoos

When we think about celebrity tattoo or make up mind to get a similar one you simply can’t imagine that there are celebs with the body fully covered and it Is completely impossible to copy them. The same feeling you will have about Wiz Khalifa’s tattoos cause it is absolutely impossible to count all the tattoos on his body. We will try to show you some of his tattoos and the stories hidden behind them.

Wiz Khalifa Bold Tattoos

Let’s forget about the question “how many tattoos does Wiz Khalifa have?” and maybe even the owner doesn’t know the exact number or pictures. Once he said that he had 411 pictures inked on body but we can’t say whether he stopped or got new ones.

You know how it works; you can one tiny tattoo and then you think of a second one. At last you end up with a fully covered back and it is not the end. Guess this happened to Wiz Khalifa as well.

The first thing you see is arm tattoos. There are several quote tattoos on arm saying “Live Now”, “Self Made”, “Believe”, the letter “W” for Washington Nationals logo. He has also got his name tattooed on arm, clouds and pictures of women. Quote tattoos and words are found on his chest, fingers and back.

On his chest the first thing that catches attention is number “412”, the code of Pittsburgh’s area, near is hometown Pennsylvania.

The symbol of his devotion to music is music not on his neck. Another tattoo on neck is Koi fish representing his strong character.

As a true hip-hop artist Wiz Khalifa just couldn’t miss the chance to get cool finger tattoos. To complete his image he has got a word «SUPER» on one hand and «STAR» on the other.

His image looks quite extravagant especially when it comes to criminal face tattoo. The tiny star is the only tattoo on his face and it seems that this going to be the last one.

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