Unique Sword Tattoo Designs

sword tattoo designs

Sword and knife tattoos were once typical masculine symbols and you could hardly see a woman with a sword tattoo in an Old School style. Today we are the generation with no boundaries especially when it comes to tattoos. As we are talking about sword tattoos we can find so many gorgeous examples of sword tattoos 2018 for both men and women.


Unique Sword Tattoo Designs

Besides of looking cool sword is a strong symbol tattoo. For men sword tattoo is a symbol of confidence and power but this is only a small part of the meaning. In Christianity, the sword symbolizes the weapon of justice. In Celtic mythology sword is connected with alchemy and it its turn alchemy represents sword as purity. The meaning of sword tattoo can vary depending on the color, shape, pattern and the culture the tattoo represents. Still there are general features symbolizing sword tattoo. Knife or sword tattoo is the symbol of leadership. Bravery, aggression, justice, freedom and strength.

One of the most popular sword tattoos that has made a dramatic comeback is tattoo in Old School style. The sword through heart is a symbol of pain and betrayal. Similar tattoo is inked to symbolize lost love or divorce. To personalize tattoo sometimes the name is inked on heart. This tattoo is inked on arms.

Sword through a red rose another popular Old School tattoo that is now popular. The symbol means loss. Sometimes this tattoo is inked in black yet the meaning of the rose and sword is the same.

Minimalistic styles of sword tattoos can be inked on finger, wrist, arm and neck while more complicated designs need more space to look attractive.

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Criminal Sword Tattoo Designs

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Unique Sword Tattoo Ideas

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