Traditional Celtic Tattoo Designs

celtic traditional tattoo

Traditional tattoos found in ancient cultures always hide story behind. Celtic tattoos also have rich history and symbolism; symbol tattoos were used for particular purpose. Traditional tattoos were usually inked to emphasize power and authority. Celtic tattoos carried the sane meaning. Celtic warriors inked their chests ad used to take part in battles barechested.

celtic traditional tattoo on neck

The main symbol of Celtic tattoo is a knot pictured on the chest and arms. Simple knot tattoo symbolized life that had no beginning and no end. Details like trinities and circles may also be added to Celtic tattoos as a symbol of nature, time and motion.

It was believed that Celtic knot had magical power. The endless lines in knot may hypnotize you as soon as you take a closer look at knot. Celtic animal knot tattoos like dog, dragon, tiger tattoo carried the symbolism of animal, plus the meaning of the knot. Celtic flower is next popular tattoo design that was mostly chosen by women. The rings of flower symbolizes possession.

Today you can see knots simply inked as ornaments or in geometric shape like triangle or circle. Those figures are mostly inked on the back, lower back, neck and arm. The ornament can cover the whole shoulder or arm as a decoration yet even in this case the tattoo will carry the symbol of a knot.

celtic traditional tattoo on arm

celtic traditional tattoo on wrist

celtic traditional tattoo behind ear

celtic traditional tattoo on arm

celtic traditional tattoo on arm

celtic traditional tattoo on shoulder