Star Tattoo Designs & Meaning

star tattoo

No need to be a dreamer to get star tattoo. Star symbol is one of the strongest sign tattoos that have so many variations and meanings. We are here to present you the best star tattoos 2018 with the common symbolism and meaning they have.

In general, star tattoo symbolizes dreams and goals you have. If one wears a star tattoo it means he is determined to reach the stars. Star tattoo can also symbolize dramatic changes in life. Depending on the type of style the meaning can be quite different.

Nautical Star. This type of star is a leading star hat shows right direction. The star protects and guides. Nautical star tattoo can also symbolize the path and lifestyle you have created. Sometimes Nautical star tattoo is pictured with a compass.

nautical tattoo

Pentagram. If the pentagram points down it is the sign of Devil while the star pointing up is the symbol of balance and protection. Four points of the pentagram symbolize four elements and the fifth one is the symbol of the Spirit.pentagram tattoo

pentagram tattoo

The Star of David. This is the main symbol of Judaism. The star has six points that symbolize interaction of humans with Divine. They also symbolize six days of a week with a center that stands for Sabbath.

star of david tattoo

Star tattoo can be pictured virtually on any part of body and it will definitely look awesome. Tiny stars in the style of constellation will look beautiful on wrist or rib while a single star can be inked on finger ad behind ear.

star tattoo on wrist

star tattoo on back

star tattoo on finger

Rihanna`s star tattoo on back

star tattoo on arm

star tattoo for women

star tattoo for women

moon & star tattoo for women

star tattoo on finger