Selena Gomez Sexy Tattoos

selena gomez tattoo

We are pretty sure you loved and adored Selena Gomez with or without her boyfriend. We are not going to talk about their love affair and her carrier. Instead we will loupe and investigate her body to find tattoos.

Selena Gomez is sexy without tattoos but as a true tattoo lover she couldn’t resist the temptation of getting a couple of tattoos. If we describe her tattoos in one word, it could be “tiny”. Those tiny yet stylish tattoos will tell much about the celebrity.

Celebrity back tattoo

Right after she broke up with Justin Selena was spotted with a permanent tattoo on her back. The Arabic tattoo on upper right side meant “Love yourself first”. Quite symbolic for that period of her life.

Arabic quotes are quite popular, plus the letters look really attractive. To get that mystery and exotic look you can find a unique quote tattoo in Arabic the meaning of which will be hidden from everyone.

selena gomez tattoo

Celebrity wrist tattoo

When we just saw her tattoo on wrist we thought she just wrote her boyfriend’s name with a black marker. Well, that was partly true cause the tattoo with “Justin” was a temporary one. Selena, for sure, never regretted of choosing temporary tattoo.

Selena Gomez Sexy Tattoos

Celebrity neck tattoo

Roman numerals are quite popular among celebrities and Selana Gomez has also decided to be in this list. She got Roman numerals “LXXVI” (76) on the back her neck. The number symbolizes the year of 1976 when her mother was born.

Selena Gomez Tattoos

Celebrity tiny wrist tattoo

The last tattoo that we have found on the sexy body of Selena Gomez is a tiny musical note on her wrist. Everything is simple; the tattoo symbolizes her love to music.

selenagomez tattoo on wrist

Selena Gomez Sexy Tattoos

selena gomez tattoo behind ear

selena gomez tattoo on rib