Perfect Tree Tattoo Designs

perfect tree tattoo

Tattoo carries a strong message. It can tell much about the person and even more than outfit. Symbol tattoos with special meaning are even more informative this is why we so much love tattoos with meaning. One of the best tattoo styles from 2018 tattoo trends that looks fantastic and at the same time carries very special meaning is tree tattoo. The gallery of perfect tree tattoo designs will show you some statement tattoos as well as take you back through the history and symbolism of tree.

Tree Tattoo Designs 2018

How can you describe a tree in few words? Tree is long-lasting, it survives storms and winds, it has deep roots and it is closely connected to the earth and nature. The same qualities are transmitted to tree tattoo and the wearer.

The symbol of tree has been found in many ancient cultures. Greeks and Celts believed trees, especially the oak tree, had special power. Every culture chose the type of tree to worship. For Germans it was linden, for Scandinavians it was ash. In Buddhism, Bodhi tree symbolized enlightenment. In Bible’s story of Genesis, the tree plays the most important part; the tree of life was the symbol of knowledge about good and evil.

Each type of tree has its symbolism and when choosing the perfect tree tattoo, you should look through all the types and option to find the best match. In general, there are details that can make your tattoo even more special.

Tree tattoo with roots symbolizes deep connection with the past, ancestors and family. Roots also symbolize strong character of a person.

Tree tattoo with leaves symbolizes regrowth. On the other side, it is interpreted as the symbol of impermanence, the life cycle from birth to death.

Tree with flower symbolizes sexual awakening. Tree tattoo with flowers means innocence, youth, virginity and tranquility.

Tree tattoo looks amazing on both men and women. Tiny trees and huge tree tattoos are equally popular today but for women the best option is a tiny tattoo on rib, on wrist, or collarbone. The minimalistic tree tattoo is often inked in black.

tree tattoo on arm

tree tattoo on rib

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tree tattoo on arm

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tree tattoo on rib

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Tree Tattoo

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