Modern Abstract Tattoo Designs 2018

modern abstract tattoos

We do love realistic tattoos and symbolic tattoos that hide story behind. Still the fashion changes and new styles of tattoos are coming to the main plan time and again casting into the shade traditional tattoos. New 2018 trends are quite contrastive including both traditional and modern tattoo arts. We can’t choose the best one cause each of them is unique. All we can do is to present 2018 tattoo trends one by one. It is time to talk about abstract notions, abstract art and abstract tattoos.

abstract tattoo on foot

Traditional tattoo with a special meaning is aimed to characterize your personality while abstract tattoo with no symbolism and meaning can be a symbol of your artistic nature. Many abstract tattoos copycat famous paintings of artists. Turning your body into a canvas for masterpiece is worth to have similar tattoo.

Abstract tattoo is all about chaos; lines and dots, splashes of colors and geometric figures are combined in a chaotic manner while the result seems more than harmonious. The composition in dark colors can symbolize your darkest side.

What is great about abstract tattoo is there will hardly be found second identical tattoo. It means, you can have a unique tattoo especially if you have created your own style. Abstract tattoo give you a chance for self-expression. Hidden artist within you now can create an art for lifetime.

Abstract tattoo knows no gender. The style looks equally stunning on men and women. For great impact abstract tattoo should cover large areas like arm, spine, shoulder and foot. It can be a whole composition that starts from neck going down to rib and back.

abstract tattoo on arm

abstract tattoo on arm

abstract tattoo for women

abstract tattoo on arm

abstract tattoos 2018

watercolor abstract tattoo

amazing abstract tattoo for women

crazy abstract tattoo for women

abstract tattoo on back

abstract tattoo with quotes

abstract sun tattoo on back

abstract tattoo on back

3D abstract tattoo on arm

abstract tattoo for men

abstract dotwork tattoo

abstract tattoo on shoulder

abstract tattoo 2018

colorful abstract tattoos