Magical Black Cat Tattoos

black cat animal tattoo

Are you an ailurophile? Well if you do not know what that word means you won’t be attracted by these adorable cat tattoo designs. Cat is one of the most ancient animals present in human’s life and you just ought to respect it. As we are talking about tattoos let’s check out the top popular black cat tattoo ideas from 2018 trends and learn the meaning of black cat tattoo.

black cat tattoo

In many ancient cultures cats were sacred and they were closest to humans. In Ancient Egypt cats were called “caute” which meant favorite pet. Egyptians worshiped black cats as the symbol of goddess Bast. It was forbidden to kill or hurt cats. Romans used to keep a cat in a house. They believed the animal brought good luck and fortune.

After the adoption of Christianity much has changed. Black cats were associated to devil; they were believed to be messengers of the Satan and this is how the superstition about the black cat began.

Today we still adore black cats because of their gracious posture and elegance. They are perfect symbols as a tattoo for girls who want to adopt the mystery nature of black cat.

Some may say that back cat tattoo brings bad luck but this type of approach can be described as misconception. Black cat tattoo is more about mystery and supernatural power. The owner of black cat tattoo is described as a mysterious person.

Cat is all about gentle and soft moves. Thus, black cat tattoo can be the symbol of femininity. Cats are independent and cat tattoo is a perfect symbol of independence.

Still wonder where to get black cat tattoo? Tiny cat will look adorable on wrist and behind ear, while big and realistic cat tattoo can be inked on arm, back, shoulder or thigh. Recently the popularity the Old School tattoo style is getting wider. Colorful cat tattoo in Old School Style is what you need to make a style statement.

black cat tattoo on wrist

black cat tattoo meaning

black cat tattoo on wrist

black cat tattoo meaning

black cat tattoo on wrist

black cat tattoo on back

black cat tattoo behind ear

egyptian black cat tattoo 2018

black cat tattoo 2018

black cat tattoo on foot