Leo Zodiac Tattoos 2018

Leo Zodiac Sign

Those who are born between the 23rd of July and the 22nd of August are proud to be born under Leo zodiac sign. The planet of the zodiac sign is the Sun and the first thing that characterizes this zodiac sign is passion and power. With the Leo zodiac tattoo you are going to get all the warmth and passion they carry inside.

men lion tattoo

The one who is born under Leo zodiac sign is compassionate and carrying but sometimes the warmth they show is too much. As a true king Leo is stubborn and self-centered. They have a perfect sense of humor and are creative. They can be perfect leaders, they are powerful and confident still sometimes they cannot feel the boundaries and can become dominant and intolerant.

Leo zodiac sign tattoo is mainly pictured with a glyph that can be a beautiful small tattoo. Minimalistic glyph tattoo looks beautiful on wrist, neck, finger and behind ear. Sometimes glyph is pictured with a dun symbol to make tattoo more impressive.

Leo glyph tattoo is more suitable for women while men are so lucky to get a super-duper lion tattoo. The lion with a crown is A tattoo you need to have to make your strong personality complete. Realistic lion tattoos are more preferable cause they look pretty impressive on man’s body.

lion tattoo for man


finger tattoos 2018

leo zodiac tattoo on wrist

leo zodiac tattoo behind ear

leo zodiac tattoo on wrist

leo zodiac tattoo on neck

leo zodiac tattoo on foot

leo tattoo on arm

cut leo zodiac tattoo on wrist

leo zodiac tattoo on wrist