Japanese Sakura Tattoos

japanese sakura tattoo

Traditional Japanese tattoo or Irezumi is one of the most impressive body art styles that hides deep meaning and symbolism beneath. Every single detail and symbol of Japanese traditional tattoo has its meaning and as a composition it can tell a whole story. One of the details of Irezumi is sakura tree and sakura blossoms. Almost all Japanese tattoos are decorated with gentle pink flowers. Tiny flowers yet have very special meaning.

japanese sakura tattoo for men

Sakura is a cherry blossom; the blooming lasts very short and this quality is transmitted into its symbolism. The ritual of the appreciation of flowers that is held in Japan every year from late March to first days of April is devoted to the celebration of beauty of nature. While Japanese tattoo with sakura is a celebration of beauty of nature that is lifelong.

The meaning of sukara tattoo mainly depends on other symbols of tattoo. Thus, when pictured with traditional dragon or phoenix sakura symbolizes the rising and ascending through life. In general, sakura stands for nobility and fertility, purity, love and beauty. Sakura blossom or tree tattoo is also interpreted as the symbol of investable death. The fragile flower symbolizes the fragile life of a human.

Traditional Japanese tattoos are mostly tattooed on arms and shoulder. More impressive examples are tattoos covering the whole back going down to lower back and legs. The composition can include the images of Irezuma and sakura. Similar tattoo is more popular among men.

japanese sakura tattoo design for men

japanese sakura tattoo on shoulder

japanese sakura tattoo on shoulder

unique japanese sakura tattoo on shoulder

sakura tattoo on shoulder