Flower of Life Tattoo Ideas 2018

flower of life tattoos 2018

While great minds think of the perfect harmony in the universe through geometry, we enjoy the flawless geometric tattoos. 2018 tattoo trends are all about minimalistic and geometric tattoos and all of them are mind blowing. There are infinite geometric tattoos that we would like to talk about but none of them looks more magnetic than flower of life tattoo. Let’s find out what makes this geometric figure so unique.

flower of life tattoo on foot

The flower of life is the symbol representing the creation of life in the universe. There is a theory that in the pattern of the flower is hidden the secret of space and time. The symbol pattern is found in ancient cultures and religions.

The flower of life was seen first in Egypt before our era. The symbol was found on stone and what is more interesting is that the symbol wasn’t carved on stone but was burnt in an unexplainable way. Then the symbol was found in Japan, India, Iceland, Turkey and etc. The symbol was also found in China, in Forbidden City in China.

In all ancient cultures the flower of life symbol stood for a sacred symbol. People couldn’t explain the symbol and they believed it had secret power. Today people choose powerful symbol for tattoos not only because they look fantastic but also, they have very special symbolism and power.

There are several types of flower of life tattoos. Original symbol is a hexagonal pattern that has nineteen circles and thirty-six partial circles. In the center, the circles create a flower and the longer you look at it the further your imagination goes.

The Seed of Life. The pattern, that is formed of seven circles is called the Seed of Life and it symbolizes new beginnings.

The Fruit of Life. The part of Flower of Life is the Fruit of Life. It consists of thirteen circles and represents the blueprint of the universe. The Fruit of Life represents the form of the atom and it is truly powerful symbol.

This unique tattoo will look smashing on any part of the body. Choose the style and place it in a very best place where you feel it can give you energy.

flower of life tattoo on arms

flower of life tattoo for women

flower of life tattoo for women

flower of life tattoo on arms

Flower of Life Tattoo Ideas 2018

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flower of life tattoo on neck

flower of life tattoo on wrist

flower of life tattoo on arm