Best Tattoos 2018

best tattoos 2018

Together with the fashion tattoo trends change year by year and today we million super stylish tattoos of different styles. For 2018 tattoo artists got some new stuff for real tattoo addicts. The styles are even bolder and eye catching so why not to get a sneak peek some of the best tattoo styles 2018.

Best Blackwork Tattoos 2018

You have definitely seen those black inked sleeves, wrists and ankles and wonder what they mean. This is the new trend in tattooing. Blackwork tattoo is the new word in tattoo art that represents mind blowing designs. The concept of blackwork tattoo is large part of body totally inked in black. More often it has no meaning and carries only esthetic meaning. On the other hand, traditional tribal tattoos are now inked in blackwork style. For girls, blackwork is combined with flowers creating deep contrast between elegance and boldness.

The following examples of blackwork tattoos 2018 are only the small part of the smashing tattoos you will find so all you need to do is to be ready for changes.

blackwork tattoo on hand

blackwork tattoos 2018

blackwork tattoos-2018

blackwork tattoos-2018 for women

Best Dotwork Tattoos 2018

Another tattoo style trending next year is dotwork tattooing. This is some kind of light version of blackwork tattoo still it looks no less impressive and stylish. Dotwork tattoo is one of the most complicated arts that requires professionalism. All the new trends of tattoos can be inked in dotwork thus making tattoo look even more jaw dropping. Similar tattoo in dotwork style carries the meaning and symbolism of a sign tattoo so you just need to choose a symbol tattoo.

best dotwork tattoos 2018

dotwork tattoo on arm

dotwork tattoo on foot

dotwork tattoo on wrist

Best Linework Tattoos 2018

If you are looking for something less dramatic we have very special trending this year. Linework tattoo is an exquisite style that combines elegance and delicacy even if it is a tiny tattoo. Linework tattoo is done is a single line without shading and coloring. It looks extremely stylish and even if you have got a tattoo on a visible place it will never look bold.

linework tattoo on arm

linework tattoo on foot

linework tattoos-2018

Best Minimalistic Tattoos 2018

At last, if you want to get tattooed still shy away from bold styles minimalistic tattoo is just what you were looking for such a long time. Minimalistic tattoo can be a single sign like a dot or several dots, line, a letter and etc. Minimalistic tattoo is mostly done in single black color.

best minimalistic tattoos 2018

best minimalistic tattoos for women

minimalistic tattoo on arm

minimalistic tattoo on back