20 Most Adorable Poppy Flower Tattoos

Poppy Flower Tattoos

This is yet another unique collection of beautiful flower tattoos that are so much beloved by women. Top 20 adorable poppy flower tattoos are picked from 2018 tattoo trends to make you image even brighter. All you have to do is to be ready for getting a brand new flower tattoo.

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Poppy has a bright color and gentle petals. Poppy tattoo looks so amazing on woman’s body that it be considered one of the best tattoo options for women. Besides of being so cute, poppy flower tattoo has very special meaning. Get a bouquet of poppy flowers in your hand or on your skin to make you look special.

Poppy flower and the bloody red petals symbolize life and death. For Christians red poppy flower is associated with the blood of Christ. The flowers are used to remember dead soldiers. Some refer flower to drama but in many cultures poppy flower symbolizes energy, passion and beauty. The meaning of peace and sleep is connected with the fact that opium and morphine is extracted from poppy as well as with the Greek mythology where the flower symbolized the god of dreams Morpheus.

In Chinese culture poppy flower symbolized loyalty. The flower appeared in Chinese legend as well. The first poppy bloomed on the grave of a women who committed suicide after her lover died.

Modern poppy flower tattoo is inked in watercolor style where gentle petals look so elegant and delicate. Another way to get beautiful poppy flower without the meaning of death is to get black and white flower tattoo. Women are used to get flower tattoo on wrist, rib, back, arm and foot.

poppy tattoo on back

poppy tattoo on back

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poppy tattoo on arm

poppy tattoo on arm

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poppy tattoo on wrist

poppy tattoo on hand

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2018 tattoo trends: poppy tattoo

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