tattoo ideas on neck

Get a symbol tattoo on your neck to get the power of the symbol or skip to tiny images to become and owner of truly stylish and trendy tattoo. What we have prepared for you is a selection of popular tattoo ideas on neck for every taste and preference.

Best Old School Tattoo Ideas for 2018

old school tattoo

Those who are not closely connected to tattoo art and history of tattooing often think that Old School tattoo is the very first art of body inking that is still preserved. Of course, Old School Tattoo style has very rich history and it is definitely worth to be included in the list of the best tattoos 2018 still it is far from being the oldest type of body inking. This article will help you to learn the history of Old School tattoos and check out the most popular Old School tattoo styles for 2018.

Traditional Celtic Tattoo Designs

celtic traditional tattoo

Traditional tattoos found in ancient cultures always hide story behind. Celtic tattoos also have rich history and symbolism; symbol tattoos were used for particular purpose. Traditional tattoos were usually inked to emphasize power and authority. Celtic tattoos carried the sane meaning. Celtic warriors inked their chests ad used to take part in battles barechested.

Religious Cross Tattoo Designs

cross tattoo

Religious tattoos have been around for a very long time. In spite of the fact that body inking is forbidden in Christianity cross tattoos are very popular nowadays. We have put together the best examples of religious cross tattoos from 2018 tattoo trends.

Moon Symbol Tattoo Ideas

moon tattoo

While the sun is the symbol of light and brightness moon symbolizes all the mystery notions and darkest side of the life. Just like sun moon tattoo possesses very special meaning and symbolism. To wear a moon tattoo will not only look stylish but also give you all the mystery and power of the moon.

Kokopelli Tattoos; Native American Symbol Tattoo

Kokopelli TattooTattoo is an indicator of your creativity. The more interesting your tattoo is the more you will get attention. Fortunately today there are so many ways to have unique tattoo and you will have all the chances to have a unique tattoo.

Phoenix Bird Tattoo Designs

phoenix tattoo designs

Bird is the symbol of freedom and life and wearing similar tattoo will become a unique symbol of your free-spirited nature. Why not to get a beautiful tattoo that will also have a unique meaning? Phoenix bird tattoo is definitely the one that looks smashing and at the same time carries deep meaning and symbolism.

Capricorn Zodiac Tattoos 2018

Capricorn zodiac sign

Those who are interested in zodiac signs and constellation will be so much interested in zodiac sign tattoos. In fact, it is quite a creative tattoo that will symbolize your birth and your personality. It is a great way to show others your strong sides and maybe someone who wears similar sign tattoo will find a native soul in you. At this time, we will talk about Capricorn zodiac sign and the best tattoos symbolizing the sign.

Cute Family Tattoo Ideas

cute family tattoos

Tattoo is a unique language to express your feelings and describe your personality. Besides, tattooing is a perfect way to express your love and devotion to special ones. Matching tattoos for couples and family tattoos are meant to express endless love and devotion as well as to become the unique symbol of family bonds.

Modern Abstract Tattoo Designs 2018

modern abstract tattoos

We do love realistic tattoos and symbolic tattoos that hide story behind. Still the fashion changes and new styles of tattoos are coming to the main plan time and again casting into the shade traditional tattoos. New 2018 trends are quite contrastive including both traditional and modern tattoo arts. We can’t choose the best one cause each of them is unique. All we can do is to present 2018 tattoo trends one by one. It is time to talk about abstract notions, abstract art and abstract tattoos.

Wiz Khalifa Bold Tattoos

Wiz Khalifa Tattoos

When we think about celebrity tattoo or make up mind to get a similar one you simply can’t imagine that there are celebs with the body fully covered and it Is completely impossible to copy them. The same feeling you will have about Wiz Khalifa’s tattoos cause it is absolutely impossible to count all the tattoos on his body. We will try to show you some of his tattoos and the stories hidden behind them.