tattoo ideas on foot

one of the most tempting places to get new tattoo is foot. Though painful the result will make you fall in love with your new image on foot. To help you with the choice we have searched the best foot tattoos created by the leading tattoo artists and now we have a complete collection of best tattoo ideas on foot.

Sun Symbol Tattoo Ideas

sun tattoo designs

There are certain tattoos that are included in a special category of powerful symbol tattoos. Those who believe in higher powers do believe that symbol tattoo can affect their life and even change it. Whether it is a superstition or not it is always advised to learn the meaning and symbolism of a tattoo before getting it inked. One of such powerful symbols is sun tattoo that is associated with the most important planet in our space.

Girlish Bow Tattoos

women bow tattoo

Though we repeat time and again that there no rules and boundaries about tattooing there are still tattoo styles that are gender specific. One of such symbols is bow tattoo that is typical for women and do looks amazing on woman’s body.

Kokopelli Tattoos; Native American Symbol Tattoo

Kokopelli TattooTattoo is an indicator of your creativity. The more interesting your tattoo is the more you will get attention. Fortunately today there are so many ways to have unique tattoo and you will have all the chances to have a unique tattoo.

Gothic Tattoo Designs

gothic tattoo

Gothic subculture have been around since 80s and it is still popular among younger generation. The main idea of the subculture was the reaction against the disco era of 80s that was full of colors. Gothic style is all about black and dark colors. They carry the bright colors inside and they are quite creative still they tend not to express creativity through the colors in image.

Hakuna Matata New Symbol Tattoos

hakuna matata

Hakuna Matata means no worries for the rest of your day… you are probably singing with me. If you know the song you have a good childhood with the best cartoon ever. The movie about the lion teaches child to be honest and strong and at the same time it teaches to enjoy life and here comes the part of Hakuna Matata.

Unique Anchor Tattoo Ideas

unique anchor tattoo

Are you thinking of a symbolic tattoo? Anchor can be a good choice as it looks pretty interesting and at the same time it has very interesting meaning. Anchor tattoo is quite popular as a small tattoo style and this is another advantage to get this one.

Cute Dandelion Tattoos 2018

dandelion tattoo for women

Sweet dandelion tattoo always looks so cute and girlish. The gentle flower that can be easily destroyed by a soft wind carries unique symbolism and meaning and as a tattoo it is quite popular. This collection of new dandelion tattoos 2018 will show you the modern interpretations of popular dandelion tattoo.

Unique Koi Fish Tattoos & Symbolism

koi fish tattoo designs

Koi fish if one of the main symbols of Japanese traditional tattoo and carries deep meaning and symbolism. Whether you are getting a complicated Japanese tattoo or single koi fish tattoo you need to know the story of koi fish and the symbolism of koi fish tattoo.

Phoenix Bird Tattoo Designs

phoenix tattoo designs

Bird is the symbol of freedom and life and wearing similar tattoo will become a unique symbol of your free-spirited nature. Why not to get a beautiful tattoo that will also have a unique meaning? Phoenix bird tattoo is definitely the one that looks smashing and at the same time carries deep meaning and symbolism.

Black Feather Tattoo Designs

black feather tattoo

Feather tattoo was once the most popular tattoo. Boys and girls got feathers everywhere and it looked really cool but them the trend got a bit faded. As we are experiencing the comeback of all the best styles of past decades, feather tattoo also came back into fashion. Today we have so many beautiful feather tattoos in 2018 tattoo trends that are worth to be considered.