finger tattoos

Don’t know where to get a tiny tattoo? One of the trending styles of 2018 is finger tattoo that is a great option for both men and women. Finger tattoo collection includes tiny and gentle symbol tattoos, as well as criminal letter tattoos and geometric figure tattoos.

Unique Anchor Tattoo Ideas

unique anchor tattoo

Are you thinking of a symbolic tattoo? Anchor can be a good choice as it looks pretty interesting and at the same time it has very interesting meaning. Anchor tattoo is quite popular as a small tattoo style and this is another advantage to get this one.

Popular Angel Tattoos

angel tattoos 2018

Wearing your guard angel as a tattoo is not only beautiful but also meaningful.  We do want believe that there is someone watching and taking care of us. It is always pleasant to believe that you are not alone in this world.

Star Tattoo Designs & Meaning

star tattoo

No need to be a dreamer to get star tattoo. Star symbol is one of the strongest sign tattoos that have so many variations and meanings. We are here to present you the best star tattoos 2018 with the common symbolism and meaning they have.

Top 25 Chic Diamond Tattoos

Top 25 Chic Diamond Tattoos

Do you believe in the power of lucky charms? For some it may seem superstition, for the others bad luck and good luck depends on the presence or the absence of the lucky charm. One of the most powerful lucky charms that have already become a popular tattoo is diamond. Well, diamonds are not only girls’ best friends bring good luck to the wearer.

Sagittarius Zodiac Tattoos 2018

Sagittarius zodiac sign

Sagittarius is one of fire signs and the ninth sign in the zodiac wheel. Those who are born between November 23rd and December 21st belong to Sagittarius zodiac sign. The symbol of Sagittarius is Archer but it is mostly pictured with an arrow and bow. Zodiac sign tattoo is always a good option especially when it comes to Sagittarius so you have a chance to get one of the stylish Sagittarius zodiac sign tattoos.

Leo Zodiac Tattoos 2018

Leo Zodiac Sign

Those who are born between the 23rd of July and the 22nd of August are proud to be born under Leo zodiac sign. The planet of the zodiac sign is the Sun and the first thing that characterizes this zodiac sign is passion and power. With the Leo zodiac tattoo you are going to get all the warmth and passion they carry inside.

Top 25 Best Skull Tattoos

skull tattoos 2018

Traditional tattoos were all about scary and impressive images that carried special meaning. Today, 2018 tattoo trends include the widest variety of images with or without meaning including tiny and gentle pictures, symbols and simply abstract lines. We have almost forgotten about the impressive and scary tattoos we used to love so much but today we are going to take you back to the times when tattooed person belonged to a totally different world and society.

Wiz Khalifa Bold Tattoos

Wiz Khalifa Tattoos

When we think about celebrity tattoo or make up mind to get a similar one you simply can’t imagine that there are celebs with the body fully covered and it Is completely impossible to copy them. The same feeling you will have about Wiz Khalifa’s tattoos cause it is absolutely impossible to count all the tattoos on his body. We will try to show you some of his tattoos and the stories hidden behind them.

Perfect Tree Tattoo Designs

perfect tree tattoo

Tattoo carries a strong message. It can tell much about the person and even more than outfit. Symbol tattoos with special meaning are even more informative this is why we so much love tattoos with meaning. One of the best tattoo styles from 2018 tattoo trends that looks fantastic and at the same time carries very special meaning is tree tattoo. The gallery of perfect tree tattoo designs will show you some statement tattoos as well as take you back through the history and symbolism of tree.

Unique Sword Tattoo Designs

sword tattoo designs

Sword and knife tattoos were once typical masculine symbols and you could hardly see a woman with a sword tattoo in an Old School style. Today we are the generation with no boundaries especially when it comes to tattoos. As we are talking about sword tattoos we can find so many gorgeous examples of sword tattoos 2018 for both men and women.