butterfly tattoos

One of the most beautiful tattoos for women is butterfly tattoo. Gorgeous butterfly with colorful wings is perfect to decorate woman»s body. We have prepared for you the newest collection of buttefly tattoos for women that are taken from the best works of popular artists.

Top 20 Tattoos for Winter 2018

winter tattoos 2018

Winter is the time when we miss your tattoos hidden with warm knitted sweaters. Still, it is the time when we can think of a new tattoo that we are going to show in summer. Though tattoos are now grouped to seasons we have tried to create a magnificent gallery of top 20 best tattoos for winter 2018 that are going to warm up your body and your days.

New School Tattoo Ideas 2018

new school tattoo

You have definitely heard about Old School tattoos that are trending styles of this season and 2018 year. Now it is time to talk about New School tattoo styles. Just like in Old School tattooing New School tattoos are of bright colors. Still, Old School tattoos offer limited color palette like red, black, yellow, blue, green and orange while New School tattoo style includes all the whole imaginary color palette and most colors are not found in nature. Instead of clear images New School tattoo style has infinite images to choose and they are all mind blowing.

Summer Flash Tattoo Designs

summer flash tattoo

Getting tattooed is one of the best experiences and body transformations in your life. The art on your body that you are going to carry throughout your life and admire it from day to night is the best thing about tattoo. Moreover, tattoo symbols are meant to complete your personality and make it brighter.

Butterfly Tattoo Designs for Women

beautiful butterfly tattoos 2018

Once butterfly tattoo was the best choice for women. You would see butterflies on spine, lower back, belly, wrist and they were all bright. For a while butterflies were moved back and we hardly remembered those beautiful and gentle insects. Today we are happy to announce that butterfly tattoos are back. They are renowned and more beautiful. 2018 tattoo trends have totally new tattooing techniques like linework and dotwork and butterfly tattoo is just a perfect symbol to experiment with new tattooing techniques. This collection of trendy butterfly tattoos for women will show the best examples for tattoos to get inspired.

Trendy Arm Tattoos 2018 for Women

Trendy Arm Tattoos 2018 for Women

We live in a society that no one will get surprised seeing a girl with a tattoo while a century ago it was something like a taboo. Fortunately the only thing we do now is admire women with beautiful tattoo. We do worship the body with a unique art and this is another tribute to beauties with stunning tattoos.