Kendall Jenner Stylish Tattoos

celebrity tattoos: Kendall Jenner

The clan of Kardashians has a taboo about body inking and still we have one of the Kardashians in our list. As a model Kendall Jenner often wears temporary tattoos and it makes her body even more sexual. She so much loved the look of temporary tattoos on her body that couldn’t resist the temptation to get a real one.

kendall jenner tattoo

The very first tattoo of Kendall Jenner was a tiny white dot on the finger. She was so intrigued about a tiniest white dot on her middle finger that we can hardly imagine how she would feel about a big tattoo. For her the small tattoo is the symbol of small joys in her life that make her feel really happy.

The next tiny finger tattoo that Kendall Jenner got tattooed was red broken heart. The reason why she has got the second tattoo on finger is the “family taboo” of not getting body inked while finger tattoo is the least visible one.

The last permanent tattoo inked on her body is the letter “g” behind ear. This is another tattoo that is less visible not only for everyone but for her as well.

While she has got only three small tattoos, time and again we see Kendall Jenner with fantastic temporary tattoos covering the whole shoulder, face, back, spine and etc. She do loves changes that are not permanent. She can always remove temporary tattoo as soon as she gets tired of it.

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Kendall Jenner Stylish Tattoos

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