Women Tattoos

What can make woman’s body more attractive and sexy than a beautiful tattoo. Flowers, butterflies, dragonflies and animal tattoos are perfect for woman’s feminine body. Every single tattoo is meant to make woman more seductive and complete her unique nature. We have put together the most adorable women tattoos from 2018 trends to make you look more beautiful and sexual.

Paisley Tattoo Designs for Women

Paisley Tattoo Designs for Women

Paisley is a beautiful pattern popular for women tattoo. The feather shaped pattern was popular in India and it is mostly seen on Mehndi tattoos. Today this pattern is used in a complex tattoo picture and this detail do makes tattoo look luxurious. The following examples of paisley tattoo designs for women show some really cool examples of wearing the pattern.

Magical Black Cat Tattoos

black cat animal tattoo

Are you an ailurophile? Well if you do not know what that word means you won’t be attracted by these adorable cat tattoo designs. Cat is one of the most ancient animals present in human’s life and you just ought to respect it. As we are talking about tattoos let’s check out the top popular black cat tattoo ideas from 2018 trends and learn the meaning of black cat tattoo.

Bridal Henna Tattoos for Women

Bridal Henna Tattoos for Women

Temporary tattoos have been around longer than you could imagine. One of the oldest traditions of inking body with henna originates from India and it has very interesting story.

Selena Gomez Sexy Tattoos

selena gomez tattoo

We are pretty sure you loved and adored Selena Gomez with or without her boyfriend. We are not going to talk about their love affair and her carrier. Instead we will loupe and investigate her body to find tattoos.

Top 25 Best Dragonfly Tattoos

best dragonfly tattoos for women

Insect tattoos look pretty impressive and some of them are even scary. Each insect tattoo has its symbolism and the best way to make the most of your special tattoo is to learn its symbolism. One of the popular insect tattoos from 2018 tattoo trends is dragonfly tattoo. You have definitely seen this insect but you have hardly thought what it could symbolize. As a tattoo dragonfly is a unique sign with a whole story.

Lace Tattoo Designs for Women

lace tattoo for women

Delicate lace lingerie looks adorable on female body. Black lace patterns decorate the most intricate parts of body. But what if you could wear lace on your body forever? This is the idea of lace tattoos that are so much loved and popular. You will definitely fall in love in with those super sexy lace tattoos for women so consider those examples as an idea for your tattoo.