Women Tattoos

What can make woman’s body more attractive and sexy than a beautiful tattoo. Flowers, butterflies, dragonflies and animal tattoos are perfect for woman’s feminine body. Every single tattoo is meant to make woman more seductive and complete her unique nature. We have put together the most adorable women tattoos from 2018 trends to make you look more beautiful and sexual.

Beautiful Hummingbird Tattoo Designs

hummingbird tattoo 2018

Bird tattoo is always a good choice for both men and women. They symbolize free spirit and freedom and can give you wings to fly to your dream. In fact, bird tattoo quite a romantic one and it can characterize you as a romantic person. Well, why not?

Phoenix Bird Tattoo Designs

phoenix tattoo designs

Bird is the symbol of freedom and life and wearing similar tattoo will become a unique symbol of your free-spirited nature. Why not to get a beautiful tattoo that will also have a unique meaning? Phoenix bird tattoo is definitely the one that looks smashing and at the same time carries deep meaning and symbolism.

Star Tattoo Designs & Meaning

star tattoo

No need to be a dreamer to get star tattoo. Star symbol is one of the strongest sign tattoos that have so many variations and meanings. We are here to present you the best star tattoos 2018 with the common symbolism and meaning they have.

Elegant Spine Tattoos for Women

spine tattoos for women

Woman’s body is the most perfect thing created ever. The flawless lines and curves inspired poets and artists and we will never stop admire the beauty of a woman. Feminine body is created for body art especially when it comes to delicate lines floral petals and lace patterns. Modern tattoo artists create incredible art on woman’s body that are worthless. From all the fantastic women tattoos spine and lower back tattoos that decorate one of the most attractive part of woman’s body.

Top 25 Chic Diamond Tattoos

Top 25 Chic Diamond Tattoos

Do you believe in the power of lucky charms? For some it may seem superstition, for the others bad luck and good luck depends on the presence or the absence of the lucky charm. One of the most powerful lucky charms that have already become a popular tattoo is diamond. Well, diamonds are not only girls’ best friends bring good luck to the wearer.

Leo Zodiac Tattoos 2018

Leo Zodiac Sign

Those who are born between the 23rd of July and the 22nd of August are proud to be born under Leo zodiac sign. The planet of the zodiac sign is the Sun and the first thing that characterizes this zodiac sign is passion and power. With the Leo zodiac tattoo you are going to get all the warmth and passion they carry inside.

Amazing Hibiscus Tattoo Ideas

Hibiscus Tattoo

Hibiscus tropical flower is perfect to get an exotic image with a beautiful flower tattoo.  It can be considered one of the best flower tattoos for women that looks beautiful and at the same time has interesting symbolism. Hibiscus tattoos come in wide variety of colors and styles and if you have chosen hibiscus flower for your tattoo, it is time to find out some details about the flower.

New Lower Back Tattoos for Women

New Lower Back Tattoos for women

Do you remember the time when women got exclusively tattoos on lower back? That was the boom in tattooing and we could see women with low waist jeans and sexy pattern tattoo on lower back. Well, we can’t judge the trend cause that was the time and we loved the styles then. Today those tattoos are mostly covered with bigger ones covering not only the lower back but also the spine. If you have got lower back tattoo and you are thinking of coving it with a new one, get some cool ideas from these pictures.

Women Tattoo Designs 2018

Women have learnt all the secrets of attractiveness and now they have chosen tattoo as a new weapon to capture hearts. The intricate tattoos on curves just cannot be ignored and millions of hearts are going to be broken yet.  There are unique styles of tattoos inked on a very place that can totally change her look. We are going to talk about women tattoos 2018 that are nothing but breathtaking.

Top 25 Best Skull Tattoos

skull tattoos 2018

Traditional tattoos were all about scary and impressive images that carried special meaning. Today, 2018 tattoo trends include the widest variety of images with or without meaning including tiny and gentle pictures, symbols and simply abstract lines. We have almost forgotten about the impressive and scary tattoos we used to love so much but today we are going to take you back to the times when tattooed person belonged to a totally different world and society.