Tattoo Quotes

Quote tattoos are among the most popular designs in 2018 tattoo trends. Words and quotes inked on body have very special power and the ability to change your life. The top leading 2018 quote tattoos like Latin quotes. religion quotes, Sanskrit and Arabic quotes are included in the collections of trendy tattoos for upcoming seasons.

Popular Latin Quote Tattoos

latin quote tattoo

One of the oldest language Latin is no longer used still it is an indivisible part of our culture and time and again we come across the Latin language. You don’t need to be a pope or a doctor to know Latin, you can simply know Latin quotes that carry meaning. When it comes to tattoos Latin quotes are definitely the best options to get inked on your body.

Top 25 Chic Diamond Tattoos

Top 25 Chic Diamond Tattoos

Do you believe in the power of lucky charms? For some it may seem superstition, for the others bad luck and good luck depends on the presence or the absence of the lucky charm. One of the most powerful lucky charms that have already become a popular tattoo is diamond. Well, diamonds are not only girls’ best friends bring good luck to the wearer.

Wiz Khalifa Bold Tattoos

Wiz Khalifa Tattoos

When we think about celebrity tattoo or make up mind to get a similar one you simply can’t imagine that there are celebs with the body fully covered and it Is completely impossible to copy them. The same feeling you will have about Wiz Khalifa’s tattoos cause it is absolutely impossible to count all the tattoos on his body. We will try to show you some of his tattoos and the stories hidden behind them.

Selena Gomez Sexy Tattoos

selena gomez tattoo

We are pretty sure you loved and adored Selena Gomez with or without her boyfriend. We are not going to talk about their love affair and her carrier. Instead we will loupe and investigate her body to find tattoos.

Inspiring Bible Quote Tattoos

Inspiring Bible Quote Tattoos

Quote tattoos have been popular for years and we will see many examples of quote tattoos in 2018 tattoo trends. The idea of quote tattoo is to describe your personality, certain kind of view of life, purpose of life and etc. One of the latest trends is religious tattoo designs and religious quote tattoos that express your faith and devotion.