Men Tattoos

2018 tattoo trends are all about masculine and eye catching tattoos covering massive male shoulders. Men do look more handsome with a massive and bold tattoo. Dare to get something special covering the whole body. These men crazy tattoos 2018 include some of the best examples of tattoos of new season.

Unique Sword Tattoo Designs

sword tattoo designs

Sword and knife tattoos were once typical masculine symbols and you could hardly see a woman with a sword tattoo in an Old School style. Today we are the generation with no boundaries especially when it comes to tattoos. As we are talking about sword tattoos we can find so many gorgeous examples of sword tattoos 2018 for both men and women.

2018 Tribal Mayan Tattoos for Men

mayan tribal tattoos for men

The Mayan tribes no longer exist but their culture lives and fortunately we have so many chances to admire them. Mayan tattoo was the part of tribe’s culture. It wasn’t just a chaotic pattern; every single detail in Mayan tattoo had its meaning and destination. To understand the culture and traditions of ancient civilization you should definitely learn the history of Mayan tattoos and maybe you will decide to get similar one.

Bold Hand Tattoo Ideas

bold hand tattoos

Once hand tattoo was categorized as a criminal tattoo, today we have so many fantastic hand tattoo designs in 2018 tattoo trends. We do believe you are bold enough to get crazy tattoo on the most visible place we are ready to share with you the best hand tattoo ideas.

Unique Pocket Watch Tattoo Designs

Unique pocket watch tattoos

The art of tattooing has gone to the next level with no rules and boundaries. The super realistic tattoos that turn your body into a piece of art have place in a gallery but as far as we can admire them only on bodies, let’s check out another collection of fantastic tattoo designs with pocket watch tattoos.

Mysterious Illuminati Tattoo Designs for Men

illuminati tattoos on hands

One of the best things to be done in this gray reality is to get into the mysterious world of the past. What comes to your mind when you hear the word Illuminati? Right; it is all about mystery, secrets and danger. Wearing similar sign tattoo looks amazing on man’s body, besides, you will always have something to tell about Illuminati and your tattoo. There are several symbols that refer to Illuminati and this is what we are going to talk about.

Taurus Zodiac Tattoos 2018

Taurus Zodiac Tattoos 2018

If you are obsessed with your zodiac sign and you wish to have it tattooed on your body, you should definitely check out this collection of the newest Taurus zodiac tattoos 2018. Alongside with traditional zodiac sign tattoos 2018 tattoo trends offer totally new ways of tattooing well known symbols.

Maori Tribal Tattoos 2018

men maori tattoo

Tribes in New Zealand called Maori are known worldwide for their unique culture, traditions and, of course, tradition of body tattooing. Maori tatoo is more popular among men yet women from Maori tribes are used to get tattoos as well. The body art called Moko or in other words Maori tattooing derived from Polynesia and has much common with Polynesian tribal tattoos. Maori tribe is known for impressive body tattooing; as Maori consider head he most sacred part of body, they used to ink face with special symbols. Facial tattoos indicated social status and prestige of the wearer.

2018 Tribal African Tattoo Designs

African tattoos

It will sound surprising yet the tradition of getting body inked is older than most of the modern civilizations. One of the oldest tribal tattoos is African symbol tattoo that was found in most African tribes.

2018 Popular Tattoos: Blackwork Tattoo Designs

blackwork tattoos 2018

The army of tattoo lovers is divided into two groups; on one side we have the lovers of colorful tattoos and on the other side there stand the lovers of black tattoos. To tell which group will be the winner is absolutely impossible cause we love both types and we root for both of them. Let’s start with black tattoo styles and go ahead discussing those super edgy and mind blowing blackwork tattoo designs 2018.

2018 Tribal Samoan Tattoos

tribal samoan tattoo 2018

Samoan tattoo is another popular style from Polynesian tattoo designs. Samoa is a part of Polynesia, they have much in common yet by taking a closer look you will definitely see differences in culture. As we are talking about tribal tattoos, Samoan tattoo do looks like the other Polynesian tattoos but the tines details of tattoo are totally different. We are presenting you some of the best examples of Samoan tattoos and the symbolism they carry.