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Mind-Blowing Head Tattoo Designs 2018

new tattoos 2018

The world of tattoo cannot by ordinary or casual. It is all about crazy vibes and unimaginable pictures. Once you stepped in the “secret group” of tattoo you should get used to the odd things you see. Head tattoo is definitely the craziest tattoo style we could ever imagine.

Unique Sword Tattoo Designs

sword tattoo designs

Sword and knife tattoos were once typical masculine symbols and you could hardly see a woman with a sword tattoo in an Old School style. Today we are the generation with no boundaries especially when it comes to tattoos. As we are talking about sword tattoos we can find so many gorgeous examples of sword tattoos 2018 for both men and women.

Butterfly Tattoo Designs for Women

beautiful butterfly tattoos 2018

Once butterfly tattoo was the best choice for women. You would see butterflies on spine, lower back, belly, wrist and they were all bright. For a while butterflies were moved back and we hardly remembered those beautiful and gentle insects. Today we are happy to announce that butterfly tattoos are back. They are renowned and more beautiful. 2018 tattoo trends have totally new tattooing techniques like linework and dotwork and butterfly tattoo is just a perfect symbol to experiment with new tattooing techniques. This collection of trendy butterfly tattoos for women will show the best examples for tattoos to get inspired.

Virgo Zodiac Tattoos 2018

Virgo zodiac sign

Hands up if you are Virgo cause now we are going to talk about you and your zodiac sign. Those who were born between the 23rd of August and the 23rd of September are extremely independent and analytical. They are not the type to make spontaneous decisions and before making the step they think twice. Virgos are able to deal with problems and solve them without panic and this is the best thing about analytical type of personality. They love perfection in everything and flawless Virgo tattoo just need to be perfect.

Bright Sunflower Tattoo Ideas

sunflower tattoo for women

The sun shine in your skin is the best thing you can have. Sunflower, as the symbol of sun looks so amazing on woman’s skin. Before you get a bright sunflower tattoo you should definitely learn the symbolism of sunflower and some interesting facts about sunflower tattoo.

2018 Tribal Mayan Tattoos for Men

mayan tribal tattoos for men

The Mayan tribes no longer exist but their culture lives and fortunately we have so many chances to admire them. Mayan tattoo was the part of tribe’s culture. It wasn’t just a chaotic pattern; every single detail in Mayan tattoo had its meaning and destination. To understand the culture and traditions of ancient civilization you should definitely learn the history of Mayan tattoos and maybe you will decide to get similar one.

Modern Space Tattoo Designs 2018

space tattoos

All the beautiful things in this life are imprinted on body as a tattoo. They are living arts we can admire as long as possible. One of such arts is space tattoo that takes all the unrevealed universe closer to us. We are so excited to present you those mind blowing space tattoo designs that are meant to inject unreal beauty into your life.

Kendall Jenner Stylish Tattoos

celebrity tattoos: Kendall Jenner

The clan of Kardashians has a taboo about body inking and still we have one of the Kardashians in our list. As a model Kendall Jenner often wears temporary tattoos and it makes her body even more sexual. She so much loved the look of temporary tattoos on her body that couldn’t resist the temptation to get a real one.

Cancer Zodiac Tattoos 2018

cancer zodiac sign

Those who are born between June 21- July 22 belong to Cancer zodiac sign. The is the most loyal sign. Those who are born under the Cancer zodiac sign are tender hearted. They are always to save you when you need help. It will take a long time for Cancer to decide whether it is worth to get a tattoo or not, but once decided Cancer will never regret. For those, who have already decided to get a Cancer zodiac sign tattoo, we have put together some of the best Cancer tattoos.

Bold Hand Tattoo Ideas

bold hand tattoos

Once hand tattoo was categorized as a criminal tattoo, today we have so many fantastic hand tattoo designs in 2018 tattoo trends. We do believe you are bold enough to get crazy tattoo on the most visible place we are ready to share with you the best hand tattoo ideas.